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Conama Conecta, a space for European projects in Conama 2018


The next edition of the National Environment Congress (Conama 2018) will have a space specially dedicated to publicizing projects carried out with European funding. It will serve to disseminate information and to make contacts and forge alliances for new initiatives.

Conama aims to become a space for knowledge sharing, discussion and communication of European funding projects. Therefore, we will have a specific space to display and stimulate cooperation between European projects, Conama Connect, where people will discover different kind of Spanish projects, meet entities with long experience in sustainability and form new collaborations, share experiences and consider new innovation opportunities.

With this initiative we want to help Spanish entities (NGOs, companies, research centres, public administration…) to communicate and spread their projects as well as helping other stakeholders to learn about new methodologies and successful experiences to increase their competitiveness, innovation and sustainability.

We also want to connect potential partners and generate new opportunities for future calls. Conama Connect will have an exhibition area for the participant projects, some workshops to learn from diverse entities their experience in different fields and business-to-business meetings with Spanish, Latin American and European professionals.

An entired space for European funding projects
Conama Connect will be placed in the exhibition area of Conama 2018, on the top floor of Madrid’s Municipal Congress Hall. It will have an open space with different activities:

Business-to-Business meetings
Professionals from entities that are designing or realising projects with European affect will have a B2B meetings with potential partners, suppliers or users. We will use an online service to manage appointments, check profiles and schedules.

Project’s exhibition
The exhibition area will have small stands for each project. The stand will be designed with functional furniture and will be customized for every participant in order to show their own ideas and results in the most suitable way.
From their stand, entities will have a gathering point for small talks, meetings and a place to show their work with posters, handbooks, papers, leaflets or Layman reports.
These stands are reserved for entities participating in Conama Connect within the Experiences and Premium Categories, for a maximum period of one day each.

Project’s talks
Conama Connect will have a space for about 60 people to attend the Project’s talks.
These talks will allow some entities to present their work in a 15 minutes presentation, organized in thematic areas.

Throughout Conama 2018 there will be four different workshops with limited capacity organized by entities with long experiences in European projects, funding programmes managers, politicians and key environment stakeholders. During these workshops, attendees will learn from successful projects how to analyse their own challenges and obstacles, how to find new opportunities and how to develop future projects.

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